Developing Clinical Guidelines for both Primary and Secondary Care


Jennifer Hill
Operations Director
Gill Ritchie
Operations Director
Bernard Higgins
Clinical Director
Edward Weir
Operations Director, Business and Development
Norma O’Flynn
Chief Operating Officer

Administration of NCGC activity is undertaken by the business and development manager, the office manager, the project administrators and the PA to the chief operating officer.

+Document Editors/Process Assistants
+Health economists

The role of health economists at the NCGC is to ensure that cost-effectiveness is considered in the process of developing clinical guidelines for NICE. For every guideline, health economists review published economic evidence and conduct original cost-effectiveness analyses. They advise the GDG on economic concepts and interpretation of the evidence.

+Information scientists

The information scientists identify relevant literature, conducting searches of the clinical and cost effectiveness evidence shaped around an agreed strategy. They present the outcomes of searches to guideline development groups, maintain audit trails and write up this process for the guidelines. They compile and update databases of search results for each guideline.

+Project managers

Project managers co-ordinate all aspects of the guideline development process, from commission through to final publication. This involves detailed planning of project timelines and resources to ensure the successful delivery of completed guidelines in accordance with NICE methodologies and processes. Project managers are members of the NCGC technical team alongside the health economists, systematic reviewers and information scientists, and work closely with external development group members.

+Research fellows

Research fellows conduct systematic reviews for guidelines, working as members of the NCGC technical team and guideline development groups.  The key elements of the job include problem solving, critical appraisal and the production of evidence profiles, including meta analysis tables, evidence statements and presentation of the evidence to the guideline group. As core members of the guideline development team, research fellows liaise closely with other key members of the technical team in sharing the responsibility for commissioned guideline activity.